A design perfect for destruction


A Comment By Joe Lee III

   The Obama Administration is busy slashing our defenses while encouraging more folks to go on the government dole — a classic design for the demise of a nation.
   Of course he as never tried to keep his intentions a secret — his desire for an American nation with less influence abroad and a government with more control of citizens’ lives and pocketbooks at home. Case in point: NSA’s spying on American citizens and the government takeover of the U.S. health care system.
   On the military side, Obama wants us to have a military smaller than Turkey’s army of 666,000 — even smaller than Egypt’s half a million.
   By comparison, China has 2.3 million under arms, and India has 1.3 million. North Korea, and Russia each have armed forces of more than a million.

Crashing the Warthog
   Also getting the ax under the President’s plan to diminish America’s power is  eliminating weapons like the Air Force A-10 “Warthog” jet — one of the most reliable and most effective weapons we have on the battlefield. Relatively speaking, the Warthog is economical, too.
   Even as President is busily desiccating our ability to defend our county, he is increasing the government’s hold over American citizens by taking control of our health care — our very ability to survive.
   After the non-partison Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced that Obamacare would cost a bunch of full time jobs, the President’s spokesman actually said that was good! More people dependent on government dole! More voters dependent on the the politicians! A bigger welfare state. A weaker welfare state. A financially and morally bankrupt welfare state.

Selling food stamps
   Speaking of welfare, did your read in the Clarion-Ledger last week that 324 Mississippi families “lost” their EBT (food stamp) card more than five times last year? One family got theirs replaced 20 times — about every two weeks.
   The Department of Human Services’s answer? Send them a warning letter! Now, that’s mean.
   These folks are merely trying to turn a government program into a capitalistic venture.
   The Clarion-Ledger contacted a man who had a $150 SNAP  (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) card advertised for sale for $100.
   The seller said he saw nothing wrong with what he was doing.
   Since 2000, the number of folks receiving food stamps in Mississippi has more than doubled — from 276,074 to 698,279.
   This certainly fits into Obama’s less warfare and more welfare strategy.
   He calls it transferring the wealth. It’s transferring the wealth, all right, transferring it straight to the Chinese mainland.
   Remember, all of this welfare money is borrowed.

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