Restaurant group pledges to support Grenada tourism

Representatives who attended the meeting of the Grenada Restaurant Association on Monday included (from left) Allison Worsham with 333 Restaurant, Kathryn Seznak with Applebee’s, Patrick Mardis with Pizza Inn, Jason Signh with Pizza Inn, Ashley Richardson with Carmella’s, Donna Ackman with KFC, Melaine Costilow with Jake and Rip’s, Randy McGregor with the Club House Restaurant, Janet Mixon with Sunflower Cafe and Leslie Banks with JuJu’s Market and Mid South Produce. Seated is

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    The newly-formed Grenada Restaurant Association elected a president Monday as restaurateurs  pledged to make their voices heard at Tourism Commission meetings.
    “I think this is a good thing, a healthy thing, for restaurants in this area to come together and speak with one voice at tourism meetings,” said President Phillip Mixon.
    Mixon took the lead in introducing folks Monday. Representatives from 10 restaurants were gathered around a table in the offices of the Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce. Many were meeting for the first time.
    Among the restaurants represented were Pizza Inn, Carmella’s and KFC.  
    Mixon, who operates the Sunflower Cafe, was elected president by a show of hands.

Organizing voices

    Mixon did the legwork to organize the meeting. In many cases he simply walked into his fellow restaurateurs’ establishments, offered his hand and invited them personally.
    “I just wanted to light a fire under folks, because we need representation and a voice in tourism,” said Mixon. “We share common interests and act as kind of hosts in this city, and I thought it was important that we join our efforts.”
    One of the restaurateurs Mixon invited was Randy McGregor of the Clubhouse Restaurant.
McGregor had a strong opinion about the association.
    “People have been speaking for the restaurants for too long,” said McGregor. “It’s time we came together. Our voice is needed.”

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