Step Up Now


   According to the bylaws of the Grenada Tourism Commission, Grenada urgently needs action by Grenada hotel and restaurant owners to officially fill three slots on the seven member tourism board.
   Concerning board members, the bylaws state in Section One:

(D) One (1) shall be appointed by the Grenada Hotel/Motel Association;
(E) One (1) shall be appointed by the Grenada Restaurant Association;
(F) One (1) shall be appointed by Grenada Hotel/Motel Association and the Grenada Restaurant Association.

   To our knowledge, both organizations are currently dormant, but they both need to organize, elect officers, and officially appoint the needed members to the Grenada Tourism Commission so it can carry on its much-needed mission of encouraging tourism in Grenada and at Grenada Lake.
   The Grenada Tourism Commission is in charge of appropriating nearly $250,000 in tax collection
annually. There is some question as to whether the commission can legally do this without a properly  constituted board of directors, according to the rules written and passed by the state legislature in 1992.
   The law is very specific, and it has a repealer review in 2015. We think it is imperative that the Tourism Commission Board of Director selection be brought into compliance as soon as possible so this valuable community building revenue is not endangered.
   Our hotel and restaurant owners and operators need to step up to the plate.

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