Bilking government not good thing


A Comment By Joe Lee III

   Last week President Obama made the 27th Executive Order alteration in the ill-conceived Obamacare debacle.
   All of these changes were done without Congressional approval and are definitely of questionable legality. Of course, the law itself was passed solely by Democrats and the very next election, as a result of the law and other irresponsible acts, they lost control of the House of Representatives.
   (The Democrats would have lost the Senate, too, if the Republicans had voted more intelligently in primaries and given the general electorate some more reasonable choices in Nevada, Delaware, and a few other places.)
   Of course, when a party forces big legislation through without reading it and without at least some token support from the other side of the aisle, trouble can be expected.
   As we have all witnessed, Obamacare has been “blessed” with disaster after disaster, but the pinnacle came a week or so ago when the Congressional Budget Office announced that the law would ultimately reduce the number of persons working by two million. The reason the non-partison CBO gave was that Obamacare’s disincentive supplements would encourage people to quit fulltime work and let the government help support them.
   Unbelievably the Administration — followed in lockstep by the New York Times, National Public Radio, and MSNBC — touted this as “a good thing.”
   Can you believe it? Encouraging folks to be less productive and go on the public dole?
   The socialists among us proudly announced this would free people to “follow their dreams,” and not be shackled with details like supporting themselves.
   We are rapidly heading to the new plantation where we will all be slaves to the big government master.
   I wonder if I can get a government grant to study the best ways to bilk the system on the Obama Plantation?

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