Braced for the Worst

District Three Supervisor Columbus Hankins shovels gravel from the bed of a dump truck to help add traction to the bridge on Graysport Crossing Road in eastern Grenada County on Monday as Jerry James assists. Agencies and officials are preparing for the icy weather expected in the area. Staff photo/ Galen Holley

Staff Writer

   Grenada braced for wintry weather Monday as power providers and county supervisors made provisions.
   “We’ve assessed materials, we’ve been in contact with neighboring agencies and subcontractors, and we’re prepared in case of serious weather,” said Entergy Customer Accounts Manager Jim Lyles.
   “We have a mutual agreement with outside vendors to take care of each other in emergency circumstances,” said Lyles.
   As the National Weather Service in Jackson predicted Grenada might receive anywhere from a half inch to an inch of snow and sleet, along with freezing rain, Entergy workmen fueled their trucks and chain saws and stocked with parts that could easily be replaced like wire, connectors and cross-arms, Lyles said.
   Entergy in Grenada has 13 trucks that were on standby Monday morning.
   “In our war room we’re going over our maps and making sure we’re current and ready,” said Lyles.
   According to a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, temperatures would dip down into the 20s on Monday night and might not rise much until Thursday.
   “Anything that falls as far as precipitation will be freezing,” said Alan Gerard.
   Monday morning District Three Supervisor Columbus Hankins had his men out spreading pea gravel over Grenada’s longest bridge, the Graysport Crossing bridge, which spans a quarter of a mile over the lake.
   “People need to be aware that these bridges ice over in freezing conditions, and the main precaution is to drive slow,” said Hankins.

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