Supervisor says telephone company to blame for Long Creek Road mess

District Five Supervisor Chad Gray surveys a trench, dug by AT&T, that sank into the ground on Long Creek Road.

Staff photo / Galen Holley

Staff Writer

   A section of Long Creek Road has sunk and become a hazard to drivers, and a county supervisor says AT&T is to blame.
   A section of road about 40 yards long has sunken into mush and at least two motorists have gotten stuck in it since the phone company used a trencher to cut into the gravel road and repair a broken line, according to District Five Supervisor Chad Gray.
   About two weeks ago one of Gray’s men was grading the road, which extends west off Pearidge Road, near Geeslin Corner, when he accidentally snapped a phone line.
   “The line was apparently in the middle of the road, and not buried very deeply,” said Gray, noting that it’s unusual for a line to located there.
   “My guy thought it was an old, out-of-use line and didn’t think much about it,” said Gray.
   The next day Gray got a call from AT&T saying that a repair man was correcting the problem.
   “They never asked if they could cut into the road,” said Gray. Standard practice is for phone companies to bury the line on the side of the road, not under it, he said.

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