Consolidate Schools

Dear Editor:
   I don’t remember the exact year that Grenada County consolidated all of their schools and created the Grenada School District as it is known today.  I believe it was in the late 1960s or early 1970s, and bear in mind they had a lot more students than Montgomery County has today.
   I would like for these people that are opposing this consolidation to check out the Grenada School District and see what kind of school district they have built. I realize some people can’t stand any type change, but I encourage you to think about this very carefully. I believe if this were to happen in a few years, a lot of people would say we should have done this years ago.  
   Our Mississippi Department of Education would be responsible for adequate classrooms for our students. In fact, there are mobile classrooms just for this.
   I have heard a lot of people living in the Winona Separate School District complain about their high taxes. This would probably lower taxes some if they were collected county-wide for one school system.  
   For a politician to say that the people in the separate school district are against this without polling all the people in that district is ludicrous. I know for a fact there are a lot people in the Winona Separate School District that would like to see this consolidation happen. If we could build a school system near Winona like they have in Grenada County, the students we have going out of the county might consider coming to Winona.  
   Another problem some of you may not be aware of: we have kids who live across the street from one another here in Winona that are forced to go to separate schools.  
   I realize our economy is not great under this present administration, but were it to improve, a good county school system would attract factories and businesses to locate here.  
   I recommend you call State Senator Lydia Chassaniol, State Senator Linda Whittington and State Representative Bobby Howell and tell them to support these bills.  Tell them not to let this be a political thing, to just consider what this might mean for our county in the future. The Senate bill is 2620, and the House bill is 0760. Now is the chance for our Republican-controlled Senate and Republican-controlled House to step up to the plate and do something for education in Mississippi and help put our tax dollars in our classrooms.  Forget about the Band-Aid approach and fix our Department of Education for the long term, and let’s get Mississippi off the bottom.
   These are my thoughts and I welcome yours.


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