Special copter sought for UMMC Grenada

An EC 135 helicopter flies over the University of Mississippi Medical Center campus in Jackson. UMMC Photo

Staff Writer

   The University of Mississippi Medical Center Grenada is preparing to possibly get a helicopter that can fly in adverse weather conditions.
   According to AirCare Program Director Donna Norris, the hospital is hoping to get an EC 135 helicopter.
   The Institutions of Higher Learning, the governing body for the hospital, must first approve the deal, Norris said.
   “We don’t want to presume to speak ahead of the IHL’s discernment process, but we’re hopeful that this aircraft will soon be in Grenada,” said Norris.
   The EC 135 travels at speeds around 155 miles per hour, and while it typically cruises at about 2,500 feet, it can reach altitudes of more than 5,000 feet in order to pierce the cloud level in bad weather.
   “We’re not going to be flying in hail or a tornado, but this aircraft and its navigation system is capable of flying in conditions that might ground other flight services,” said Norris.

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