Jackson voters opt for more taxes


A Comment By Joe Lee III

   Voters in Jackson have approved a one cent sales tax, hoping to improve our capitol city’s infrastructure.
   Of course, this additional sales tax will apply to everything any of us purchase in Jackson, and has the potential of pushing big ticket items out of the city’s retail market to neighboring stores.
   We hope a couple of years from now the Jackson City Council will be able to detail the revenue from the increase and the individual projects completed with the extra money. If this happens, we will be surprised.
   So many times taxpayers have approved taxes to improve education or for some other specific purpose, only to see the revenue get lost in the general fund or in government waste.
   To paraphrase a line screamed by Tom Cruise in a movie a couple of years ago: “Show us the results!”
   The Mississippi House of Representatives has passed a bill requiring some people to get drug testing before getting welfare; of course, most of the Democrats voted against it.
   What could be fairer?
   Nearly all companies require wage-earner taxpayers who fund welfare to be drug tested before being hired and getting the “privilege” of supporting the recipients. Is it not fair to make the beneficiaries pass drug tests, too?
   Unfortunately the bill does not go far enough. It requires recipients to fill out a form, and that information might lead to a drug test. All recipients should receive drug tests before getting taxpayer money.
   The bill does not actually allow for cutoff  of the money on the first drug test failure; it requires treatment. If the treatment fails, then the money can be cut off. Treatment is certainly a good idea, but the taxpayers deserve to know the treatment success rate. Most fear it is rather low.
   (Of course, taxpayers must pay for the drug rehab, too, regardless of how successful it is.)
   Last week the U.S. Senate released a scathing report stating the Benghazi attack, in which four Americans were killed, was “preventable.”
   Of course, MSNBC talking heads wasted no time in defending Hilliary Clinton and the Obama Administration.
   One of the commentators said we had to bear in mind that State Department and  White House leadership are “only human” and “subject to making human mistakes.”
   Funny, I don’t remember hearing these same leftist “authorities” referring to George Bush as “only human.”
   Concerning the Benghazi situation, you know it has to be bad if the Democrat controlled Senate says it is bad, and the New York Times reports it!


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