County OKs bid for new aerial photos

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   The Grenada County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Thursday to accept a low bid for aerial photography and, according to officials, it will save the county a  lot of money.
   If things go as planned, the county should be responsible for only about 1/3 of a bill totalling $13,600 for renewing its pictures from above, according to Tax Assessor David Melton.
   The county is required to have new aerial maps made every 15 years,  according to Melton.

Working With Others
   Grenada wasn’t scheduled to have new digital photography made until next year, but Melton and the board heard of a deal being struck whereby more than 20 north Mississippi counties were joining to get a group rate.
   Leveraging the buying power of Grenada’s neighbors neighbors should produce what Melton would only call “substantial savings over what we’ve paid in the past.”
   Aerial photography is not cheap or simple. It takes money to take the digital photographs and money to hire somebody to interpret them, Melton said.  
   This year, Grenada will employ the services of Surdex Photogrammetric and GIS Consulting Service, based in Missouri, to take the photos.
   After the maps are produced, and after certified personnel interpret them to make sure they meet the county’s specifications, they’ll be sent for approval on the state level, Melton said.
   If all is well with the photographs, the state will reimburse Grenada $10,000, Melton said.
   Surdex pilots are liable to fly over and take pictures on any days when the weather is favorable between now and March, Melton said.

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