Moms: Girls recant abuse charges

Staff Writer

   The mothers of two troubled girls taken from a reform school in Sweatman, say that several of the alleged victims of abuse, including their daughters, have recanted their accusations under oath.
   According to the mothers, who contacted the GrenadaStar last week, some girls, who landed at a school in Missouri after authorities closed Hope Christian Home and Academy in Montgomery County on June 27, have given sworn testimony that they falsely accused Jimmy and Donna Prather of abusing them. The accusations led to 17 girls being removed from Hope.
   “My daughter completely recanted her story that the Prathers abused her and the other girls,” said one mother, whose daughter has been to Hope three times since she was nine years old.
   Her daughter’s confession, like that of several others, the mother said, came in the form of a 70-page deposition taken in Missouri.  
   The mother said that the Parthers were advised by their attorney, Helen Kelly, from Batesville, not to comment for this story.

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