Good results likely for farmers

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   The harvest looks pretty good this year, with cotton yields exceeding expectations but corn prices sliding a little, as farmers hope for a dry stretch to get back into the fields, according to an agricultural expert.
   Mississippi State University Extension Service Director Steve Winters said that all the corn, 90 percent of the soybeans and two-thirds of the cotton in Grenada County has been harvested, and yields are a little better than expected.
   “The harvest has progressed well so far, overall, I’d say,” said Winters, who keeps a close ear to the tracks on farmers’ progress along with yields and market prices.
   About 700 acres of beans are still in the field, and farmers haven’t been able to pick them since most of the county got  three inches of rain Thursday, Winters said.
   Beans are yielding 40-55 bushels per acre, Winters said, and the price is hovering around $12.60 per bushel.
   “That’s with the exception of what we call wheat beans, which are planted in early July and don’t have as long a growing season,” said Winters.
   Corn fared reasonably well this season, Winters said.
   Scorching temperatures and lack of rainfall have been cruel to corn in recent seasons, but this year Grenada County didn’t get quite so hot, and corn was healthier, Winters said.

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