City reorganizes recreation dept.

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   The Grenada City Council on Monday voted unanimously to reshuffle some positions in the recreation department and recognized employees who serve the elderly.
   Director of Parks and Recreation, Richard Ellis, and his assistant, Cassandra Liddell, will now work in two different locations.
   According to City Manager Charles “Jo Jo” Weathers, in addition to his duties as director of Parks and Recreation, Ellis previously oversaw various responsibilities at the Lewis Johnson Senior Citizens’ Complex, including the aging program, the summer feeding program for children and various other center activities.
   “He essentially wore two hats,” said Weathers.
   Liddell will now take on those responsibilities, as well as direction of the center, according to Weathers.
   The council voted unanimously to approve a revised job description for Liddell, referring to her title as public relations director.
   Weathers said he would not rule out the possibility that, due to her taking on added responsibilities, Liddell could receive a pay raise.

Statewide recognition
   The City of Grenada brought home statewide recognition for its service to senior citizens.
   At the Mississippi Municipal League conference last month, Grenada was recognized for services offered through the Lewis Johnson Senior Citizen’s Complex.
   Ward Three Councilman Lewis Johnson thanked several employees of the complex at the Monday meeting, as well as others involved in planning and operations.
   “This is not my award. It really belongs to the citizens of Grenada, those who carry on the day-to-day operations of the center,” said Johnson.
   The 15,000-square-foot facility offers services for disabled seniors, a computer lab, a health spa area, a multi-purpose room and, when circumstances arise, operates as a certified Red Cross shelter.

Historical survey
   The Historical Preservation Commission recently completed a historical survey of the Lake City, the information for which will go into a statewide database, according to the commission chairman.
   Charles Latham said there are 118 buildings and sites around the county that have been officially designated historical by the commission.
   “Certified local governments have, as part of the requirements of their charters, to form a historical preservation commission and conduct surveys,” said Latham, adding the commission received a matching state grant to help fund the survey.
   Among the historical sites in Grenada are the Masonic Temple, the Glenwild Manager’s House on Hwy. 51 S., the Yellow Fever Cemetery, Belle Flower Missionary Baptist Church and three Confederate forts, one on Springhill Rd. and two on Scenic Route 333.

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