Girls removed from facility

Staff Writer

   Seventeen girls have been removed from a Christian girls’ home in Sweatman due to allegations of abuse, according to law enforcement officials in Montgomery County.
   The girls were taken on June 27 from the Hope Christian Home and Academy, according to Sheriff Bubba Nix.
   “We helped in the operation,” said Nix, describing how the sheriff’s department assisted in gathering the girls who resided at the facility and passing them over to the care of Family and Children’s Services.
   “They’ll either be passed on to their parents or united with foster parents,” said Nix.
Family and Children’s Services acted on a 911 call that they received reporting abuse, Nix said. He wouldn’t comment further.
   Judy McClain, regional director for Grenada DHS declined comment Tuesday.
   Julia Bryan, in the Office of Communications for the Mississippi Department of Human Services, released a short statement to the GrenadaStar.
   “I am unable to confirm your information regarding Hope Christian Girls School, but please remind your readers: Anyone who suspects child abuse or neglect should call the 24-hour child abuse hotline at 1-800-222-8000. Reports can also be made online at:”
   Hope Christian Home was started in 1998 by Jimmy and Donna Prather. The facility is located off Highway 404 east of Duck Hill.
   A reporter from the GrenadaStar visited the facility Tuesday afternoon in an effort to contact the Prathers. It appeared that no one was there.

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