GLMC deal drags

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   Members of the Grenada County Board of Supervisors are growing increasingly frustrated at stalled efforts to reach a lease agreement between Grenada Lake Medical Center and the University of Mississippi Medical Center, according to County Attorney Jay Gore III.
Gore expressed his frustration during an open meeting of the supervisors on Monday.
   “The contracting process has taken months longer than anticipated,” said Gore.
   “I hoped the matter would be finalized in time to be presented to the Institutions of Higher Learning for their approval at their August meeting,” Gore said. “Previously UMMC announced that it intended to have the matter approved in time to take occupation of the premises by May.”
   District Two and Board President Chad Bridges, who, along with Gore, and representatives from the Butler Snow Law Firm, has met several times with UMMC officials, voiced his frustration as well. The board has acted in good faith, Bridges said, but the two parties don’t seem to be making much progress.
   Negotiations had taken a turn for the worse, Bridges told the GrenadaStar earlier this year, as representatives from UMMC changed the parameters of the original lease agreement midstream. However, Bridges said, a May meeting yielded much more positive results.

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