Class reunion fit in between fishing times


A Commentary By Arnold Dyre  

   When I last wrote an article for the Grenada Star, the members of Grenada’s John Rundle High School Class of 1963 were getting ready to hold their 50th year reunion.
   The newspaper with my article about the upcoming reunion hit the street on Friday about the same time as I pulled out of my driveway in Madison headed for Grenada to participate in the reunion events. Actually, I headed straight to Gore Springs, cutting through Camp McCain en route to my sister Sarah’s fishing pond. I had time for a little fishing before cleaning up for the first reunion activity scheduled to start at 6:30 in the evening at classmate Henry Brister’s house.

Something Fishy Here
   I cleaned my catch, wrapped it in the newspaper containing my article, stashed the fish in my sister’s freezer, took a shower, dressed, and noticed that I still smelled like fish as I was driving to Henry’s house near Glenwild. That bothered me only a little, and I was very happy to see many of my school days friends, though I did try not to engage in much hugging or handshaking on account of the hint of fish that seemed to be following me about.
   No one except me seemed to notice the fish smell even when I started telling that I had gone fishing before the party. We had a great time. The food was excellent, and I ate a lot of it since I only had a package of M&M’s for lunch.
   At my age, it pays to pace myself. I left the party at a reasonable hour, figuring that Henry probably did not want us to stay all night, and calculating that I needed a good night’s rest for the reunion events still to come. I was finished saying good night to Beverly by telephone and was in bed by 10:30.
   There was a luncheon scheduled for noon on Saturday and plenty of time to fish before lunch. I was on the pond before sun-up!  

The Good Life
   Sarah brought me coffee as soon as she stirred and, around 8:30, her husband Terry called out to me that breakfast was being served. Fishing, having coffee brought to me, and getting a breakfast that I neither had to cook nor purchase represented high living!
   I knocked off fishing around 10 in order to do extra scrubbing so that the lovelies at the ladies luncheon that I was crashing would not detect any hint of my morning’s pastime.
   The luncheon was fantastic! Only a few guys and all those lovely and interesting females!  Held at the Orleans Bistro, the food was great with a beautiful array of fresh fruits and hamburgers fixed up reminiscent of the days when the restaurant was The Grenadian and we ate there during our high school days.
   There were an array of door prices and delicious pies for dessert. Yours truly sprang for champagne for everyone!
   I needed a nap after lunch but was able to awake in time for a little more fishing before the reunion’s main event at Perry Creek Golf and Racquet Club. I do not think I smelled fishy at all at the night’s party. I freely hugged, men and women alike. It was good to see everyone again!

Thanks Ron!
   Customarily, the first reunion of a high school graduating class takes place at the end of the first 10 years and is generally organized by the senior class officers. However, our class officers sort of dropped the ball, and we had no 10th year reunion. In fact, I do not even know when we finally had a reunion, but we started having them because of the efforts of our classmate Ron Sennett.
   Ron got the ball rolling and got things organized, and I finally attended our 30th year reunion. I did not attend again until the 45th year. I was really excited about the 50th year!  
   So were many others. We had the best attendance of any that we’ve ever had. I counted 59 classmates in the photograph taken on Saturday night, and there were some who came to the Friday night party and to the Saturday luncheon but were not in the Saturday evening photograph.
   And then, there were the spouses and other guests. We had quite a crowd, and a good time was had by all. Thank you, Ron Sennett.
   Of course, you know that I skipped church and went fishing again on Sunday morning!

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