Obama lovefest temporarily stalls


   One More Time
A comment by Joe Lee III

   For a while last week it looked as if the long honeymoon between the press and the President might be over, but by the end of the week left wing literary lackeys on MSNBC and other networks were beginning to carry his water again.
   After all, secretly seizing phone records is not so bad, four deaths at an American embassy is really getting to be old news — and — hey — he said he was sorry about the government’s use of the IRS as a political tool.
   I really thought stealing the Associated Press’ phone records would break the marriage, but the infatuation is just too strong.
   Now I feel so much better — the media is getting back to blaming all the nation’s ills on the Republicans — all is right with the world.

Bad work rewarded
   At least two guys have been fired (or retired or something) in connection with the IRS scandal rocking the White House right now, but the one most directly in charge of the debacle has been promoted. She will now be in charge of administering ObamaCare, according to a report on MSNBC.
   Makes me a lot feel better — how about you?

Fraulein Barbie
   Some German communists recently marched through Berlin protesting the presence of German Barbie Dolls.
   “The smell of pot wafted through the air at Berlin’s famous Alexanderplatz” as protesters gave speeches, according to the Wall Street Journal.
   They were upset, in part, that Mattel had recently constructed a 50,000 square foot Barbie Dream House and outdoor cafe promoting the pretty doll.

Suicide watch?
   The guy who kidnapped and held those three young girls for 10 years is in jail under suicide watch.
   Suicide watch? Are you kidding? Let him save the state some money and time. Give him some rope.

   I have gotten a number of phone calls lately from taxpayers telling me they wanted the newspaper to look into the use of county prisoners at a local church or two.
   I agreed with them. It would appear that this practice would be illegal, but we checked with the Mississippi attorney general’s office, and apparently prison labor at churches is kosher.

Church and state
According to the AG:
Miss. Code Ann. § 47-1-19  (2013) § 47-1-19. Leasing or hiring convicts unlawful; lawful public service work:

  • (1) It is unlawful for any county-housed state inmate or county prisoner or prisoners to be leased or hired to any individual or corporation for any purpose whatsoever. Nor shall they be worked under any contractor; but in working them on county farms, or on the public roads or on any other work, which work must be of an exclusively public character, they shall be under exclusive official control and management.
  • (2) (a) It is lawful for a state, county or municipality to provide prisoners for public service work for nonprofit charitable organizations as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code if that nonprofit charitable organization provides food to charities. In addition, it is lawful for a state, county or municipality to provide prisoners for public service work for churches according to criteria approved by the Department of Corrections.
  • (b) The prisoners participating in the public service work under paragraph (a) shall remain under the exclusive control and management of the county or municipality.
  • (c) A prisoner performing public service work under this subsection shall be entitled to earned credits as provided under this chapter.


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