Prisoners may solve Gitmo problem!

Joe Lee III

One More Time
A Comment By Joe Lee III

   The President and the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) pulled a good one on us last week.
   The FAA, like all other federal agencies faced a 4% cut in this year’s budget increases because of the sequester originated by the President.
   Even after the sequester, the agency was getting more money than it got last year, but politicians and bureaucrats chose to cripple the national air-travel corridors, rather than make prudent adjustments in its $6 billion budget.
   Congressman John Mica, chairman of the FAA oversight committee, indicated the whole maneuver was political theater.

More staff — less work

   According to Mica, the FAA is overstaffed.
   There has been a 27%  decrease in flights in the last 15 years, and the FAA has more employees than it had 15 years ago.
   The President dreamed up the sequester in hopes of punishing Republicans and forcing them to endorse his out-of-control borrowing and spending. That did not work, so he is resorting to scaring and punished voters, hoping to unseat Republicans in 2014. So far, many Americans (excluding the national media) seem to be seeing through his chicanery — at least we hope they are.

Obama’s organizational skills

   At a recent news conference, the President was whining about his own inability to get things done — specifically the closing of Gitmo and legislation to limit the rights of gun owners.
   We have been quite surprised at this president’s lack of organizational skills. Virtually his only credential, except for a lackluster stint in the Senate, was that of a community organizer. We assumed that as president he would be good at organizing his plans and seeing them through.
   Such has not been the case. Even during the passage of the landmark (and disastrous) legislation that bears his name — Obama Care — he sat on the sidelines and let Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress do the work. Largely as a result of Obama Care, the Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives and nearly lost the Senate.

Gitmo plan

   On the Guantanamo issue, a bunch of prisoners down there may help him out. About a hundred of them are on a hunger strike.
   Sounds like a plan to me. They may solve the President’s problem.

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