Corps of Engineers recognized men who pulled injured judge from lake

Chancery Judge Mitch Lundy (from left) chats with John Ellard of Pittsboro and Danny Caldwell of Oxford, two of the men who helped pull him from the water and take him to shore after a boating accident on Grenada Lake. The men were honored by the Army Corps of Engineers at a ceremony at the Grenada Lake Visitors Center on Wednesday. Staff Photo / Galen Holley

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   Chancery Judge Mitch Lundy didn’t want to stand in the middle for the photograph, because he insisted that the men who saved his life were the real guests of honor.
   Lundy stood on crutches, talking, like fishermen do, with John Ellard of Pittsboro and Danny Caldwell of Oxford.  
   The Army Corps of Engineers on Wednesday honored Ellard and Caldwell, along with Randy Hurst of Houston, who was absent, for pulling Lundy out of the water and transporting him to the shore after a serious boating accident on Grenada Lake.
   Ellard, Caldwell and Hurst received the Commander’s Award for Public Service.
   Lundy was ejected from his boat after it struck a stump on the afternoon of March 8. The motor cut his right leg, eventually causing it to be amputated just below the knee.
   Despite his injury, Lundy was in good spirits as he posed for pictures with his new friends.
   “Good Samaritans are alive and well, at least on Grenada Lake,” said Lundy. “I’m living proof.”
Ellard and Caldwell took everything in stride.
   “We heard something, and we didn’t hesitate,” said Ellard. He and Caldwell are brothers-in-law and fishing buddies, and they knew by the sound that something wasn’t right. The two men crossed the lake, toward Choctaw Landing, to see what was the matter.
   When they arrived they saw Hurst bringing Lundy into his boat. Hurst used his belt to make a tourniquet for Lundy’s injured leg.
   Ellard and Caldwell called 911, then Caldwell got into Hurst’s boat, and they drove Lundy to Choctaw Landing.

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