Public property damaged in Holcomb

District Five Supervisor Chad Gray surveys a ditch along Sparta Rd. in Holcomb where ATV riders have ruined the hard work he and his men did to construct a smooth outlet for water.

Staff Photo / Galen Holley

Staff Writer

   Rutted-up ditches and shotgun-blasted road signs are examples of the destruction of public property that has Grenada County supervisors and law enforcement officers ready to prosecute offenders.
   “We’re watching, and so are good neighbors and citizens, and before long we’re going to catch who’s doing this senseless damage,” said District Five Supervisor Chad Gray.
   Friday, after rains deluged the county earlier in the week, Gray walked the ditch banks south of Holcomb, on Sparta Rd., where four-wheeler ruts were filled shin-deep with water.
   Joy riders on all-terrain vehicles had virtually destroyed what was a smooth ditch, Gray said.
“Once this dries out, it’s going to take a full day’s work to fix it,” said Gray. “We’re talking about four men, who’ll have to haul dirt, smooth it out, then the sod will have be reestablished.”
   The cost in dollars and time would be considerable, Gray said.

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