Christmas in April to repair 10 homes

Staff Writer

   Volunteers with Christmas in April are getting ready to repair 10 homes in Grenada County.  
   Skilled and unskilled volunteers are encouraged to help out April 20.
   Volunteers will meet at Coldwell Banker, in the Village Creek Mall, at 8 a.m. From there they’ll receive their assignments.
   “We’ve got lots of folks signed up to help, including AmeriCorps, kids from Grenada High School and the Gore, Kilpatrick and Dambrino Law Firm, to name a few,” said Christmas In April Treasurer Kim McRee.
   The volunteers will repair the homes of elderly and disabled clients, those who were selected by the committee and who, because of circumstances beyond their control, aren’t able to make the necessary repairs to their property.
   Although professionals, like electricians, plumbers and construction workers,  are certainly encouraged to help, folks don’t need have any special skills in order to be useful, McRee said.
   “Just show up in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and maybe bring a pair of work gloves,” she said.
   Professional, skilled workers are encouraged to call as far in advance as possible, at (662) 417-6210 or (662) 809-2280, or they mail e-mail
   According to McRee, most the houses volunteers will work on are within the Grenada city limits.
   “We’ll probably work anywhere from six to eight hours,” said McRee.
   Christmas in April volunteers have repaired more than 300 houses to the tune of more than $300,000.
   Last year volunteers repaired 15 houses.

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