New restaurant to open soon

James Phillips with Robinson Electric Co., in Cleveland hangs the sign outside the soon to open Church’s Chicken on Sunset Blvd., on Tuesday. Staff Photo / Galen Holley

Staff Writer

   Church’s Chicken hopes to open next week.
   That’s the word from Rick Beuning, vice president of food service operations for Double Quick, which owns the franchise rights for Church’s in the Delta region.
   “We’re trying for one day next week, but, then again, it may be the first of April,” said Beuning, Tuesday, as, all around him, contractors moved like ants, installing electrical equipment, bolting down seats and hoisting the familiar yellow and blue sign to the top of a giant pole in the front yard.
Double Quick, which Grenadians know from the familiar convenience store on the corner of South St. and Martin Luther King Jr., Dr., is based out of Indianaola.
   The restaurant should bring 30 new jobs to the Lake City, Beuning said.
   Among the restaurant’s snazzy features are digital menu boards. The interior will seat about 70, Beuning said.
   “It will be our regular fare, good, down-home style Southern fried chicken and fixings,” said Beuning.

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