Pleasant Grove sewer studied

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   Discussion of building a sewer system in a community and building an outlet road from Holmes Community College topped the agenda of the Grenada County Board of Supervisors on Thursday.
   District Three Supervisor Columbus Hankins said that the smell of septic tanks is causing an unpleasant nuisance in Pleasant Grove, a community east of Grenada.
   He’d like to build a sewer system and eliminate septic tanks, Hankins said, but it will cost a lot.
County Engineer Robert Willis said during the meeting that the area probably won’t qualify for enough grant money to create a sewer system that would be affordable to residents.
   Willis’s engineering assistant, Dock Gabbert, concurred after the meeting.  
   In order to make the project financially feasible, Gabbert said, the county would need a grant of at least 75 percent of the total cost of the project.
   Mississippi Rural Development awards grants based on the average income of the area. Gabbert and Willis estimated that Pleasant Grove would qualify for a grant of only 35 percent of the cost of the project.
   Gabbert planned to apply for a grant and loan from Rural Development, then, next year, apply for a Community Development Block Grant and marry the two together to pay for the project.  
   “I’m not even sure that will work, but I’ll try it,” said Gabbert.
   Hankins said he’s been discussing the sewer project with Pleasant Grove residents for about two years, and he’s even held a public hearing. Most folks are onboard, he said.
   Hankins made the motion to allow Gabbert to apply for the grants and loans, seconded by District Four Supervisor Darrell Robinson. The vote was unanimous.

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