A shameful legacy

Joe Lee III

One More Time
A Comment by Joe Lee III

   Our ears are burning with the Democrats’ constant harping about the pending disaster(s) brought about by the “sequester” originally proposed by President Obama.
   He asked for and Congress granted  the fiscal poison pill calculated to force Washington to do finally something about the pending bankruptcy of the United States. His plan backfired, and now he is desperately campaigning across the country trying to blame Republicans for his mess.
   The problem now is that neither he, nor Congress, want to do what is necessary to correct the country’s severe spending obligations, so they are letting the “drastic” cuts take place by default.
   During the evil sequester, the President gets to choose the items and personnel to be reduced, so he is cutting the budgets that are most visible and cause the most immediate pain, all the time blaming the GOP. He ignores the fact that Republicans have sent two plans to the Senate to try to remedy the situation. Both plans died in the Senate.
   The spending reductions consist of  about $85 billion out of the country’s whopping $3.7 trillion annual expenditures. Those numbers are too big for me to comprehend, but if we do a little elementary school reduction, the numbers are perhaps more easily understood.
   Taking off some zeros, we can visualize that a family that makes $37,000 per year would have to cut $850 out of their budget — about 2.3%.
   Of course, losing any money is unpleasant, but the family would likely survive by trimming a little here and a little there. (Does anyone doubt there is 2.3% waste in government? How about 10%? Maybe, 25%?)
   On January 1, the federal government increased what it took out of every paycheck by $10 or more per week — that’s over $500 per wage earner. The over-paid political freeloaders in Washington did not create much of a stir about that, did they?
   Irresponsible spending in order to get votes is not just a ploy of the Democrat party. George W. Bush did his share, too. No matter who is to blame, you and I are victims, but the real losers in the government sponsored Ponzi scheme are our children and grandchildren.
   The parents of the Baby Boomers are sometimes referred to as the “Greatest Generation” for their sacrifices in ridding the world of the Nazi plague. They handed their children a better world, bought with their blood, sweat, tears, and even their lives.
   Shame on those offspring.
   Shame on us Americans who followed them.
   Shame on us for the legacy of government dependence, laziness, and debt that we are leaving future American generations.


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