Says street lights at busy intersection need repair

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
   I’ve been trying for almost two months to get four street-highway lights repaired at the intersection of southwest frontage, northwest frontage roads and Highway 8 west near Huddle House (all 4 corners).
   Since our, (Kirk Toyota), move on Dec. 15, I have spoken with people from the City of Grenada and the Mississippi Department of Transportation in Batesville on several occasions concerning these lights where my co-workers and I, (and soon to include Kirk Ford employees and more Kirk customers), Comfort Inn & Suites employees and guests, Rose Business Equipment employees, Chamber of Commerce employees and visitors, Grenada Landfill employees and patrons and several residents in the area have to pull out on to a dark, busy Highway 8 West.
   Even though the people that I have spoken with, at both the city and state, have been very kind and concerned, the lights are STILL out. There seems to be some confusion as to whom is responsible for repair of the lights along the highway. The supervisor (Butch) at MDOT said that he wasn’t sure if the lights are in his jurisdiction or not and even if they are, the state is on a tight budget and probably would not be able to replace the bulbs anyway.
   This is an accident waiting to happen. I have informed my family that if I am in an accident at this intersection (or any of the other many unlit intersections in Grenada) to hire an attorney.

Celina Hayward

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