Worsham adjusting to life on music road

Charlie Worsham

Staff Writer

   Life on the road is hectic, but Grenada native and now Nashville songster Charlie Worsham is staying grounded to his roots.
   “I miss home a lot, but right now I’m loving the journey and I know this is part of it,” says Worsham, speaking from his home, just off Music Row, in Nashville.
   The 26-year-old Worsham is enjoying a rare couple of days at home, a reprieve from the whirlwind radio tour that’s had him jetting back and forth across the U.S., visiting country radio stations and promoting his debut single “Could It Be.”       
   “I’ve kind of nested in my house, doing some laundry, buying groceries, this sort of thing,” says Worsham. His warm, Mississippi accent is still audible under the soft, radio polish.
   As he speaks, “Could It Be” is inching its way up the Billboard chart. After debuting on Jan. 14, it has reached 46. It’s a sprightly song, upbeat, youthful, bluegrass inspired, with a dash of Keith Urbanesque banjo. The video shows a slim, long-haired Charlie exchanging playful nudges with a fetching girl in a artful loft space. It evokes a kind of chai tea-cozy, young Bohemian vibe that one imagines isn’t too far from Worsham’s true lifestyle.

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