New plan would change two supervisor districts

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   One district will gain more than 1,000 residents and another will change from nearly evenly split between black and white to majority white, according to redistricting plans the Grenada County Supervisors adopted Monday.
   Representatives from Slaughter and Associates Urban Planning Consultants unveiled their vision for redistricting during a public hearing at the Grenada County Office Building.
   Mike Slaughter explained that the supervisors have to reevaluate their districts every 10 years to coincide with the census. Ideally, each of Grenada’s five districts should have equal populations, Slaughter said, and because of its racial demographics, Grenada is required to have two majority black districts.
   However, in forming those two majority black districts, the supervisors must keep each district’s total population within a 10 percent variance of the ideal.
   As it stood, the population of Supervisor Michael Lott’s District One had a variance of nearly 20 percent more than the ideal of 4,381.
   District Two Supervisor and Board President Chad Bridges earlier told the GrenadaStar that District One had seen a lot of construction since the last census. Slaughter and Associates planned to realign District One’s boundaries, thus trimming it by almost 1,000 residents and bringing it under the 10 percent variance threshold.
   District Two will also undergo a sizable change.
   As it stood, the district was nearly 46 percent black and 53 percent white. Under Slaughter and Associate’s new plans, District One will become 26 percent black and 72 percent white.
   District Three will gain nearly 1,000 voters under Slaughter and Associates’ plan. The number of persons 18 and older will increase from 2,509 to 3,427.

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