Marascalco new chamber president


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   An open door, a handshake and a face-to-face conversation are the ways in which the new president of the Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce likes to do business.
   “I’m going to be very visible,” said Dolly Marascalco, as she sat in the office of her boutique on Commerce St. which she’s operated for 36 years. “Anybody with recommendations or complaints can call me, or come see me, and we’ll talk about it,” she said.
   Outside Marascalco’s door, customers sorted through racks of dresses and blouses as a few feet away others waited for prescriptions at Sav-Mor Drugs, which Marascalco’s husband, Frank, operates.
   Marascalco was elected president of the 15-member board in November and took office earlier this month. The president is elected from among the board members.
   Marascalco’s business experience and work in public service goes far beyond the business that she and her husband operate.
   She’s been a member of the Grenada Garden Club, the Grenada Business and Professional Women’s Club, the Berta B. Calhoun Fine Arts Council, the Exchange Club, the Tourism Commission and the Grenada Republican Party, to name a few.
   She’s volunteered with the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association. She’s mentored high school students and worked in voter registration. She’s also worked on political campaigns for Gov. Haley Barbour, Sen. Thad Cochran and Sen. Roger Wicker. Three years she was voted best volunteer by readers of the GrenadaStar.
   Marascalco said she sees the role of the president as part ambassador, part advocate and part neighbor.
   “I want to be a hands-on president,” said Marascalco, as she took a peek through the office door at the activity on her showroom floor. “Whether you’re a business, a tourist or maybe a family looking to move to Grenada, I want to be the first to offer that personal encounter with a resident that can mean so much,” she said. “Like the old saying goes, ‘First impressions are lasting impressions.”

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