Monday, February 27, 2017  
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Oliver Parks
Oliver Parks
Guest Columnist

   Hello America,
   Just coming back to shed a bit of light on the recent presidential election.
   From all the publicity surrounding the election, it should have been totally impossible for President Obama to win. With the economy being as bad as it is and with the Republicans hammering him around the clock, unless God almighty intervened, President Obama was sure to lose.
   I have watched over the last few years, and I can see clearly how the Republicans lost this election. Even though the Republican party has some highly intelligent people in the Congress, such as Richard Luger from Indiana, he for one, was driven out of Congress by the Tea Party. I have said from the beginning that the Tea Party would destroy the Republican Party, and I believe it is headed in that direction if something doesn’t change.
   Some of the heavy hitters that are also contributing to the demise of the party are on television around the clock. People like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Donald Trump, Sara Palin and Congressman Allen West. They are constantly spreading division throughout the country, and nobody in leadership is brave enough to call them out, because for some strange reason people seem to be afraid of them.
   Rush Limbaugh stated on national TV that only ignorant people voted for President Obama.
From the statistics on what percentage of each ethnic group voted for President Obama, the record shows 73% of Asians cast their vote for Obama. The Asian population is at the top of the academic ladder, so I would beg to differ that they would fit the category of ignorant people.
   I also listen to Ann Coulter, who said President Obama was retarded. That doesn’t speak well of Gov. Mitt Romney that he would get beat at the polls by a retarded man. Trusting Karl Rove with all that money from rich investors in the Romney campaign gave an extremely poor return on their investment, especially when he was said to be directly related to the plight of the George Bush/Dick Cheney regime.
   The Democratic party has realized that Fox News has become the best friend that they “never” asked for, so it would most likely serve well for them to continue to perpetuate the “great divide” between the rich and the poor. They can continue to broaden the divide between the races and the divide between the two party system so we can prevail in cleaning their clocks in 2016.
   Maybe one day it will be realized that together we stand and divided we fall.

   SFC Ret. Oliver Parks resides in Grenada.

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