Thursday, February 23, 2017  
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Arnold Dyre
Commentary by Arnold Dyre

   Thanksgiving was coming on fast, and I had a list of things that Beverly wanted me to do, so I was initially grateful for the e-mail I got from GrenadaStar’s managing editor telling me that there would be an early deadline for this week’s article, and I could just skip my column if I wanted.  
   Figuring that skipping was just the ticket, I gave no more thought to writing anything and set out to get the car serviced as that was at the top of Beverly’s list.
   I got to the oil change place and secured a place in line and stood around outside rather than availing myself of a seat in the establishment’s waiting area offering an assortment of dog-eared magazines filled with scandalous tales of television celebrities and politicians behaving badly.  
   Outside, the sun was shining and the leaves still upon the trees were colored yellow, orange and red.  The sun felt good, and suddenly I was struck by how thankful I was to be able to experience such a fine morning, even if in the parking lot of an oil change establishment.  
   I thought back to other days of sunshine and rain, as well, in the woods, upon the sea, and in places both near and far.  The warmth of the sun upon my face there in the parking lot caused me to be flush with the blessings of nature itself, and I felt humbled and extremely grateful for all of the blessings that have come my way throughout the years.
   I thought of my dear departed parents, who loved me unconditionally.  I thought of my beloved sisters who tolerated and endured my youthful antics.  I thought of my friends and marveled that I have so many.  I thought of teachers who helped shape my life.  
   I remembered church experiences, Sunday School, Training Union, Vacation Bible School and more.  
   I remembered what a blast I had in college.  
   I remembered the Navy where I still had a blast, but where I also began to take life seriously. I thought of my shipmates, and how grateful I am that some of them are still left and that we gather for reunions to still enjoy the special bond we have and to remember the ones who are with us no more.
   I remembered my experiences as a lawyer and thought of those that I helped along the way. I made lifelong friends in that experience, and I am grateful for other lawyers who, like me, hold justice dear.  
   I remembered some of the “characters” that I have known. I remembered the fellow who promptly robbed a bank every time he got out of jail until I finally persuaded him to call me and talk things over each time he felt like he was about to rob a bank.  I got a few of those calls, and later he started sending me Christmas cards that were not postmarked from a penal institution.
   Without even looking at the list of things I still had to do for Beverly before Thanksgiving, I began to remember our times together. I thought how I loved Beverly from the moment that I first saw her. I thought of how she has stood with me through the thick and thin of our lives.  Our life together has been full, and I am so blessed to have her as my wife for life.
   The sun was still shining when the man came to tell me that my car was ready to go.  I rushed home and wrote it all down. I was not going to skip a Thanksgiving Day article when I had so much to be thankful for.

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