Tuesday, February 21, 2017  
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Arnold Dyre
Commentary by Arnold Dyre

   I have been seeing increasing number of geese flying south, their distant honking alerting me to look up to see their progress through moonlit skies.
   The hummingbirds are all gone. I so liked believing the myth that hummingbirds hitched rides with the geese, but internet research has about convinced me that such is not really the case. You know, homework would have been a breeze if I could have looked everything up on Google back during my school days.
   I have all my water hoses, except one short one, all drained, rolled up and put away. I have winterized my outside faucets, again except one that I will let drip unless extreme cold looms in the forecast, in which case I will quickly get it safely protected with one of those handy little styrofoam covers.
   The leaves are assaulting my place with a vengeance! My driveway is completely obscured by fallen leaves, but I know where the pavement is, and I am trying not to let the leaves bother me. Every time Beverly tells me to rake the leaves, I tell her that I just finished doing so. Yesterday, I heard her talking to one of her friends on the telephone, telling how terrible the leaves are this year. I will work that game as long as I can get away with it.
   Football season has been a bust. True, Ole Miss has done better than last year but not nearly good enough to suit me. I even pulled for State against Alabama, and State responded by playing like Ole Miss. I am sorry that I messed State up, and in the future I will just stick to being against State and for Ole Miss. The last game cannot get here quickly enough
for me!
   Some time back, I predicted that we would have snow this year. I wish it would come on and cover up the leaves. Once, when I was a little boy, we had snow at Thanksgiving, but I will settle
for Christmas.
   Speaking of Thanksgiving, someone told me recently that Thanksgiving will be on Thursday this year. I did not even bother to explain things to him.   
   On Bailey Island in Maine where Beverly and I were a few weeks ago, it has already snowed. There is a handy web cam site called Myron’s View that allows anyone with a computer, iPad
or smart phone to see a snapshot of Little Harbor from the view of a seagull named Myron that hangs out where we stayed. It does not work at night, but throughout the day, I check it out and
watch the progress of the tide. Try it; you’ll like it!
   My uniform of the day has become jeans and T-shirt instead of shorts and T-shirt. I slip on a sweatshirt hoodie when needed. I still am not wearing socks.
   Winter is coming, but I am not worried about it. I saw that they are installing an ice skating ring just off the Madison exit on I-55. I might put on some socks and go over there and rent some skates.

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