Monday, February 20, 2017  
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Joe Lee III
One More Time
A Comment by Joe Lee III

   Unintended consequences are sometimes interesting, sometimes dangerous, but almost always surprising.
   Politicians sometimes raise taxes to get more revenue, only to find out that government proceeds actually fall.
   Sometimes a person will treat a family member or a friend unfairly, only to discover that he or she has lost stature with others who witness the unwarranted nastiness.
   America’s quest for cheap goods has turned China into a strong economic engine that many believe will someday unseat us.
   In a way, Saddam Hussein was a victim of unintended consequences. The fall of Iraq was probably not what Osama bin Laden and al Qaida had in mind when they engineered the horrible attack on the World Trade Center.
   America’s long involvement in Afghanistan, to be sure, has produced  unintended consequences of it’s own.
   The recent presidential debates were fraught with unintended consequences. Case in point: Mr. Biden’s laughter and put-downs.
   The European Union was supposed to help all of Europe and not let Germany dominate the region once again. That plan qualifies for a great big “Ooops!”
   America’s current policy of endlessly printing money in order to fund reckless government spending and borrowing could easily lead to the crippling of our free enterprise system. This may not be the intent of the those doing it, but it is a virtually assured consequence.
   Here’s one I bet hit big city governments by surprise.
   Smart phone apps are undermining the strict taxi cab permitting and tax revenue.
Riders are skipping the traditional taxies and summonsing moonlighters via smart phone.

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