Tuesday, February 28, 2017  
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Joe Lee III
One More Time
A Comment by Joe Lee III

   Apple sent out an uncharacteristically abusive message recently -- informing customers they were about to be “downgraded.”
   “You will run out of storage when your downgrade takes effect,” was the subject line of an e-mail from out of the clouds -- iCloud -- to be more specific.
   The e-mail went on to warn “Your iCloud storage will be reduced on 09/30/2012 ... unless you take action before your downgrade takes effect,” the world, as you know it, will end.
   OK, so I paraphrased the last part, but the rest is a direct quote.
   Why would a company send out a such a threatening notice to “DOWNGRADE” loyal customers, many of whom are currently using numerous Apple products and applications.
It would have been far better to say something like, “It is time to renew and upgrade your iCloud storage” -- Nobody wants to be “downgraded.”
   Someone at Apple needs some customer service training. Such customer verbal abuse is very uncharacteristic of this great company.

Gillette loses customer
   While we are on the subject of customer abuse, Gillette lost a decades old customer not long ago -- this guy even remembers the old Gillette double-edged “Safety Razor.”
   But even loyal old buying habits can change. I went to the drug store a few days ago. I went to the same display rack, picked up what appeared to be the same over-priced blade refills I have been purchasing for years.
   When I got home and finally managed to open Gillette’s ridiculous security packaging, I discovered some marketing genius had decided it was time for me to buy an new razor base, as the old one did not fit the new blades.
   I went back to the store and looked over the new handles. Then I noticed the drug store’s house brand of disposables. I had used them once or twice while traveling and was quite pleased.
   The price of the store brand was one-third that of Gillette’s.
   Presto -- the problem of matching  blades to the handle was completely eliminated!

Good service
   Here’s an example of very good customer service.
   The Boss of the House and I were visiting our first born in Florida a couple of months ago. Upon entering the state we bought a SunPass so we would not have to worry with tolls.
   Later, we received a bill from the State of Florida for going through a toll without paying and sent it back with our SunPass information.
   A very nice man called me to explain what had happened.
   Apparently, we went though our first toll sensor before the new account fully registered in all the electronics. Additionally, when I signed in, I missed one digit in the car tag, so the computer, which is apparently capable of double-checking the account via tag number, was thwarted.
   The man who called, Gustavo Salas, explained the problem and corrected my license plate entry mistake on his computer terminal. I paid the missing toll by credit card while on the phone, and all was well.
   Fast, personal, and courteous service from Mr. Salas.


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