Tuesday, January 24, 2017  
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   Commentary by Oliver Parks

   Hello folks, I’m back again, and the reason I’m back is because I am becoming more frightened every day.
   In my last article, I talked directly to the African American people of my city.
   Now, I would like to talk to the working class people, both black and white and all others.
   In my first article, I talked about how greed, racism and division would eventually destroy this country. Well, it has already started.
   The rich have already bought the kind of supreme court they want. Now, they are in the process of buying the legislative body. They intend on buying the type of president they want.
   To the working class of this country, these filthy rich people don’t give a darn about your welfare. When they ship jobs overseas, cut school teachers, firefighters, policemen, health care workers and any other working class jobs that affect many of you, it shows how much they care about you.
   The plan is to destroy this health care plan, cut Social Security, medicare, welfare, food stamps, military retirement, Pell grants, minimum wages, and anything else that affects the working class people of this country -- and all of this is to give more tax breaks to the rich.
   People, when I look around and see all of the disasters, I begin to think maybe the good Lord is not satisfied with what we are doing.
   President Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, made comments about the Lord being dissatisfied with what’s taking place in America. It doesn’t appear that he was too far off.
   We have to admit the weather conditions are out of whack, with the recent fires in Colorado is on fire, water six feet deep in Florida, and corn crops burning up in Iowa.
   There are young people being shot down in the streets daily because the country is saturated with weapons, and all the jails are full and the powers that be are continuing to spend money building more prisons.
   Drug dealers are raising our children, and we are going around talk about we are a Christian nation.
   I hope that the things that I have mentioned are not true, but if they are, the working class people of this country are the ones who can change it.
   Remember, together we stand, divided we fall.

Parks is retired and lives in Grenada.

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