Friday, February 24, 2017  
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A comment by Joe Lee III
   Last year the City of Grenada lost 14 percent of potential revenue.
   That’s the amount of non-food sales Americans bought on the internet. By 2020, e-commerce will likely hit 20 percent of America’s non-food purchases, experts tell us.
   The current sales tax law is a double whammy for cities -- especially small towns. Not only are our merchants losing  14 percent or more of their potential sales; the city is losing the same percentage in sales tax revenues which are used to keep our infrastructure up to date.
   It is getting increasingly harder for businesses -- especially small businesses -- to operate. A loss of 14 percent of whatever a small store sells can mean the difference between a little profit and closing the door.
   As Obamacare and its dozens of non-health-care related taxes and fees kick in, small business will be inordinately penalized, and  there will be less room for the private enterprise which is this country’s foundation.

U.S. seesaw broken
   America has passed the 50 percent mark, i.e., more than half the population is dependent on government money, support, welfare, Social Security, disability, medical care, or entitlements, and less than half are paying the bills. (Remember, 90 percent of Obamacare’s costs have not kicked in yet.)
   Now than 50 percent are taking and less than 50 percent are contributing, it is easy to predict how the November vote will come out.
   We’ll vote for the guy who will give us the most, but we can’t last much longer at the present cash burn rate.
   Will the last tenant of the White House please turn out the light?
   Remember Dandy Don and Howard Cosell? Turn out the lights, the party’s over.
(Apologies to Willie Nelson.)

Good news, geezers
   This summer, some airports will allow flyers 75 and older to go through security without removing their shoes. All airports are scheduled to follow by fall.
   What a break.
   Can you believe such a giant step in airport security? No wonder they are having to take it in two stages.
   It makes an old man a kid again -- you know -- wishing for birthdays to roll around again so you can be older. (Maybe not.)
   Some believe airport security is somewhat of a joke, and it’s main job is to get more federal employees on the payroll to perpetuate political power.

Drive-thru booze
   Some states are getting concerned that drive through alcohol sales are causing problems on the highway.
   Texas, Florida, Georgia Tennessee, Louisiana, and Maryland are among the states that allow drive through or drive-up sales of alcohol.
   They are currently studying the wisdom of such a law.

Fantastic study
   Just heard that a study has revealed that the health of your stomach can affect your brain.
   Let me get this straight. If my stomach is upset and I am throwing up, my concentration level might not be as acute as normal?
   Wow, the insight of some of these researchers is just phenomenal, isn’t it?

Global tax
   The United Nations is discussing a direct tax on rich citizens in order to give the money to poorer nations.
   Presumably this money would be given to third-world dictators around the globe.
   The UN presently has no power to directly tax American citizens, but many are afraid the current administration does not have the strength or the will to oppose such a trampling of American sovereignty.
   Many believe the current Washington regime is quite ready to lead us toward a singular world government, and the power to tax is the perfect first step.

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