Friday, February 24, 2017  
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A comment by Joe Lee III

   It is probably just normal Mississippi and Southern paranoia, but I wonder if the new rules eliminating the BCS is because the Southeastern Conference has won the last six  BCS national championships, and last year the playoff game was between two SEC teams.
   I am still not sure exactly how the new brackets will play out. How many total games will the final two teams play?
   Paranoia aside, it is, of course, all about money. Extra games mean more revenue for each team. More revenue for a team means more money for a conference, and if the SEC stays the powerhouse it has been in the past few years, the conference should be well-represented, and well paid, in the playoff structure.
   We did notice a caveat in the new system; however, there is a committee involved in the selection -- a committee with the ultimate power to choose which teams play and which teams don’t make the cut.
   (Remember, just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean people aren’t really out to get you.)

Good book
   If you are looking for a good book to read while in the air-conditioning during these hot days, I suggest The Affair, by Lee Child. It is set near Corinth and involves a killing or two that may or may not be linked to the semi-secret military base near the north Mississippi town.
The book is a quick read, because you don’t want to put it down.

Lots of pads
   This is the first complete book I have read on an iPad. After some initial experimenting with type size and line length, I found the optimum readability for old eyes with trifocals. Everyone’s eyes are different, but it was possible to find a combination that can be read with no glasses. This allowed for very rapid reading as I did not have to constantly worry about the focal zone of the specs.
   Of course, the fact that the book was fast-paced and action-packed helped raise the concentration level.
   Speaking of iPads and such, Google and Microsoft have entered the pad market.
   They can bring a lot of resources to bear, but Apple is not going to give up top spot without a fight. Apple products are simple to use and they work. It has been our experience that Microsoft is sometimes lacking in those two departments -- don’t know about Google. They do build a heck of a search engine.

Shut up, already
   Will this election ever be over?
   I’m tired of the candidates. I tired of the commentators.
   I’m tired of hearing about the Supreme Court.
   Definitely tired of hearing about health care.
   Much of what we here is either wrong or misleading.
   For instance, the Democrats proclaim that if it were not for Obama’s policy, the American automobile industry would be dead. The contrary is true. If he had left it alone, the normal course of American business would have allowed for an orderly bankruptcy and reorganization and the American automobile industry would have come out stronger that it is today.
   Incidentally, Dwight Eisenhower is reported to have said that his biggest mistake as president was appointing Earl Warren to the Supreme Court. Perhaps George W. Bush is feeling the say way about John Roberts.

Gas prices
   Gas prices in Batesville and Grenada over the weekend -- Grenada in parenthesis:
Shell $2.979 ($3.119 and $3.139), Exxon $2.949 ($3.119 and $3.149, Conoco/Phillips $2.959 ($3.139) and BP $2.979 ($3.159).
   A safe and happy Fourth of July to everyone!

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