Friday, February 24, 2017  
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A comment by Joe Lee III
   Tuesday (June 26) the Jackson Clarion-Ledger published a big photo on the front page illustrating gas prices in Jackson. It plainly showed a giant highway sign: “Blue Sky $2.899.”
   That same day the BlueSky outlet in Grenada (Exxon) was selling gas here for $3.179 -- 28 cents a gallon higher. Nearly 10 percent more -- 9.7 percent -- to be exact.
   Grenada drivers are paying a 10 percent premium. Why? Imagine what you could do with a 10 percent discount on your gas bill. How much does your family spend in a month? In a year? Take 10 percent off that!
   The same day Exxon and Shell were $2.76 in Laurel, according to
Shell in Batesville was listed at $2.99, and Shell in Jackson was $2.92 by the website. Shell in Grenada that day was $3.17 ($3.169, to be exact).

Card Problem
   A man I know went into a local Shell store recently to get a pack of gum; he fills his tank there on a regular basis. He took out his Shell card to pay for the gum, as he usually does to buy a Coke or engine oil.
   “You have to spend $2 to swipe a card,” the lady said. “Your gum is only $1.70.”
   Apparently the $52 he had previously spent at the pump did not count. He travels out of town a couple of times a week and told me his Shell bill last month was over $400.
   “I had a bad taste in my mouth when I went into the service station to buy the gum,” he said, “but I had a worse taste in my mouth when I left.”
   He told me he left the gum on the counter and bought it later that day at the grocery store for a lot less -- and he used an American Express credit card.
   Back on the subject of gas company credits cards, I have always been amused at their signature policy.
   You can stick your card in an automated pump and buy $60 worth of gas and just drive away, but if you buy a soft drink in the convenience store, you have to sign for it.
   I guess, under their new policy, small  credit card purchases are a moot point anyway.

Party poopers
   Our contacts on the Coast told us there was no big, expensive Grenada party at the Mississippi Municipal League Convention this year.
   Although we have filed numerous FOI requests, we have never really determined how much Grenada has spent on its reception. The Southaven governing body is more open with their taxpayers, and, according to, a similar reception by Southaven is running about $50,000 this year. They are taking $25,000 from their tourism fund and say 15 businesses have pledged to cover the rest.
   Will someone please explain to us the advantage of one set of city officials entertaining another set of city officials.
   Of course, Grenada City Hall won’t give the public the details on who attended this year and how much tax money they spent on the trip, but we have filed and FOI (Freedom of Information) request, and we will let you know how that comes out.
   Ask your councilman why he doesn’t instruct the city manager to release information to taxpayers without making them file an official FOI request for even the most basic public information.

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