Monday, February 20, 2017  
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Joe Lee III
One More Time
A comment by Joe Lee III

   Recently I had to join Facebook in order to participate in some other internet activities.
What a hoot. I discovered what I had suspected for a long time. Facebook is for people who do not have enough to do.
   I had the opportunity to divulge all sorts of adolescent things. What’s your favorite movie? What music do you like? What’s your favorite book? What’s your favorite television show? I can’t imagine who would care: Casablanca; Handel, Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi, and Johnny Cash; Lee Child is a good author; NCIS is tops for TV.
   FB asked me if I am male or female -- a legitimate question -- then it asked if I wanted to post that. Why not? The bald-headed old man in the photo is a dead giveaway, anyhow. (That was somewhat of a poor choice of words.) Then it asked if I am “interested” in women or men. What? How do I answer that?

A free lap dance?
   I don’t know about checking “men.” I see a bunch of old men at the coffee shop every day. They aren’t anymore interesting to be around than I am.
   If I check “women,” then the Boss of the House might get riled up. What do they do with this information, anyway? Would I get coupons for free lap-dances at the Platinum Club?
   We won’t go through all of the questions, but one is “Who inspires you?” That would have to be the BOH -- she runs me out of the house every morning and tells me not to return until I make some money and bring it back to her.
   I guess I was surprised Facebook did not ask for my astrological sign. Maybe the computer figures it out from the birthday. Oh, yes, one has the option as to whether or not to post one’s birthday. Again I assumed, bald-headed old man in the photo was a dead giveaway -- not much reason to hide it.
   Much to my surprise, I have 25 friends. One of them told me I would have a bigger list if there were an “Enemies” category.

Facebook rejection
   My having a Facebook page was required in order to be one of the administrators of’s, new posting procedure. Although I don’t plan to do any comment posting to other than this column and an occasional editorial, the mechanics of the system require a host Facebook page.
   We learned some interesting things about the new system. Within an hour of our changeover, two of our most prolific posters were back with their same nom de plumes.
   It appears that they quickly went to Yahoo, got a new e-mail address and then immediately opened Facebook to set up a page and enter a comment.
   Apparently Facebook has been down this road before. Comments from both brand new pages were rejected, and we were sent notice of the denial.
   We have had quite a few comments concerning the new system. Some folks like it, some don’t.
   We felt like we needed to go to some legitimate screening process because of the sheer volume of the comments we were having to read in advance and the declining quality of many of the “after five” contributions.
   Contrary to what some writers apparently think, internet comments do not get wiser near closing time.
   Changing the subject: We heard from a round-about, but unimpeachable source, that one of the councilmen told the source the State Auditor has been asked to come to Grenada.

Brave man
   How about the guy that strolled across the Beau Rivage last week?
   He walked a mere 360 feet, but then he was on a 5/8 inch cable 360 feet above the ground -- no net -- no safety device of any kind.
   It was an either/or situation either success or death.
   It is impossible for most of us to identify with that mind-set. Some kind of concentration!
   He is far braver than I.

No supper
   What is the administration trying to hide with the declaration of “Executive Privilege” in connection with the government’s “Fast and Furious” sting operation that resulted in the death of a federal officer.
   Declaring executive privilege leads one to believe the President knew about what was going on; which has been previously denied by the Administration.
   Years ago I tried to invoke “Executive Privilege” at my house a time or two-- ended up with no supper.

Blue smoke and mirrors
   According to the financial press, the Fed is renewing efforts to boost the economy. This time they are extending the use of “Operation Twist,” a tricky program that attempts to drive down long term investing costs by selling short term securities and using the money to buy long term securities.
   Translation: Financial smoke and mirrors.
   Result: We’ll end up paying more in the end -- runaway inflation -- sagging economy -- higher taxes.
   The laws of economics are almost a concrete as the law of gravity. You cannot keep giving money away and not expect to pay dearly in the future.
   Unfortunately, we are only a few short years behind Greece, and the White House is doing more harm than good.

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