Tuesday, February 21, 2017  
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Joe Lee III
One More Time
A comment by Joe Lee III

   We get a broad range comments on our Web site. Some of them are good, some are bad, some of them intelligent, and some are just plain stupid.
   Truth be known, this writer rarely looks at them. Occasionally, Managing Editor Nanette Laster says there is a particularly interesting one, and it gets checked out. Fairly often a reader tells us of one that it interesting, but that’s normally the extent of our interest.
   The publisher’s lack of attention to the web comments caused a little humor at our building last week. One commentator accused the publisher of anonymously posting some of the writings that agree with the newspaper.
   Members of our staff almost never post in the response section of the Web site, and, when one does, we require that posting to be accurately identified and signed.
   The only staff posting in recent memory was just a few days ago. A contributor accused the newspaper of some misquotes. The managing editor posted a message immediately asking the writer (or anyone else) to let her know the details on any bad quotes. She also sent an e-mail to the originator of the post. As of this writing, we have received no response.

Facebook screening
   Sometimes we get criticized for not posting everything, and we do decline some comments, to be sure.
   We don’t like foul language, and we don’t like calling people vile names.
   We are in the process of changing our posting procedure. We are looking into the possibility of posting only through Facebook, i.e., a contributor would have to have a Facebook identity to be able to post. Our Web site, like most other small newspapers, is hosted by a third party vendor, and, although we enter directly to our own display, the actual computer coding is stored on some big deal computer in Arkansas, or Texas, or somewhere.
   We have not worked out the Facebook details with our vendor, but our thinking is that might give the comments a little more dignity and thought, as each entry would be linked to a Facebook identity.

Three-toddy postings
   It may limit what we call the “three-toddy” posting that we get around 7 p.m. -- after a few brews.
   Using Facebook should also be a great relief to the reader who thinks we post our own favorable comments -- the publisher doesn’t have a Facebook page. (He is afraid no one would sign up to be his friend.)
   Speaking of sign ups, or more specifically, page views, last week GrenadaStar.com had 44,437 page views by 5,588 unique visitors. Most of these “unique visitors” apparently checked us twice during the week, as we had 11,276 visitors in all, according to Google Analytics.
Website visitors and page views spike around 9 a.m., when folks get to their offices; a little after 1 p.m., before folks settle in for the afternoon’s tasks; and about 7 p.m., after a couple of toddies. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday have the heaviest traffic; Saturday and Sunday generally tie for the lowest traffic.
   If all you read is the Web page, you are missing most of what is in the paper. We post only a small percentage of our product on the free website.
   There are three ways to get the complete edition. One is by mail subscription to the actual newspaper printed on newsprint manufactured just north of town from genuine north Mississippi trees grown by area tree farmers. This product is also available at numerous rack and over-the-counter locations all over town. The third way is to subscribe to our Electronic “Online” Edition. The Electronic Online Edition is a computer replica of the printed product. You can subscribe by clicking on “Online Edition” on the left side of our web page. It costs between $52 to $79, depending on specifics.

Alerts are free!
   The Boss of the House doesn’t believe in giving it away, but she does allow us to send out free e-mail alerts. You can sign up for free “Late Breaking News Alerts” at the top left of the GrenadaStar.com home page.
   When something big happens, we send out an e-mail blast to the several thousand subscribers.
   We are glad to have all our readers, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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