Thursday, February 23, 2017  
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Joe Lee III
One More Time
A Comment By Joe Lee III

   In 1990, manufacturing was the largest payroll in 36 states. In most of the remaining states, retail trade was the top payroll. Nevada and Hawaii were the exceptions. They generated the most payroll in the “accommodations and food services” category, according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics.
   In 2013, manufacturing was the top paycheck producer in only seven states -- thankfully, including Mississippi.
   (The other six states that still generate a majority of their income from manufacturing are Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Alabama.)
   In 2013, three states featured food and hospitality as the top payroll producer -- Wyoming has joined Nevada and Hawaii.
   Health care produced the most payroll in a whopping 34 states.
   Health care is certainly an honorable profession, but this shift -- along with Washington’s many destructive policies -- spells the ultimate demise of the American free enterprise system.
   The reason is basic, I mean basic, economics. The only true creation of wealth comes from digging, pumping, or harvesting something out of the earth or sea -- processing or refining it -- then selling it. That is what manufacturing is all about.
   Health care, as vital and necessary as it is, merely moves the same money around.
   Compounding the problem is that in the case of health care, a growing percentage of that “revenue” is from the government, which is merely just shifting taxpayer money from one person to another. No new wealth whatsoever is being produced.
   America’s wealth is rapidly being drained away from our shores by Chinese manufacturing and by other countries in which products are made and exported (to us).
   We constantly put more taxes on fewer and fewer producers; then simply redistribute the proceeds to more and more recipients (i.e., potential voters).
   Never before have we had so few workers pulling the wagon and so many riding the wagon.
   Of course, financing the counter productive United Nations, which many consider an enemy to the Untied States, and sending billions in taxpayer-earned money to countries that stab us in the back does not help much either.
   Our government owes almost $18 trillion -- a trillion more than the Gross National Product. (Source:
   The interest on what we owe now is over $350 billion a year, and we are adding more than a half trillion a year to the principle of the debt.
   How much longer can we do this?
   Our rapidly approaching economic demise is simple math.
Civil unrest
   There has been quite a bit of media discussion about the police using federally supplied gear during the recent trouble in Ferguson, Mo.
   Many in the media thought that was an unwarranted show of force.
   Maybe it was, but this is not the first time federal assets have been used to control a civilian situation.
   In 1957 President Dwight Eisenhower ordered the 101st Airborne Division into Little Rock, Ark. The troops, some of American’s toughest, were sent in full battle gear.
   In 1962, President John Kennedy ordered 30,000 fully equipped federal soldiers into Oxford.

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