Sunday, February 19, 2017  
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   Commentary By Arnold Dyre

   If I could go back in time, I would want to take plenty of money with me because, the first time around, I never had enough money to do all that I wanted to do.
   Probably one of the first things I would do would be to go by Gus’s Little Widget in Grenada and get myself a hamburger and a Coca-Cola. I would eat two lunches on the same day at the White Kitchen, and I would spend a whole weekend at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. I would rent myself a fishing boat and fish all day long on Grenada Lake. I probably would spend a good bit of time going to Mitchell’s, a beer joint over in Tallahatchie County. I would hire someone to mow the grass at my parent’s house, or I might just sit back and watch it grow.
   I would not skip school or church, either, but I would not even try to sing in the choir. I would put money in the offering plate every time it passed me.
   It’s sort of odd but, as I play out this fantasy in my mind, I find myself wanting to again do things that I endured more than enjoyed – baling hay in the hot sun for Mister George Williams, loading barbed wire with my friends, Lewis McCool and Donald Tartt, at J.H.  Oliver & Co., and even picking cotton after school. No, I still would not mow the grass!
   With money in my pocket, I would ask more girls to Grenada’s Midnight Picture Show.
   Thinking back on it, most likely it’s a good thing I did not have money at Ole Miss. Assuming I would know what was going to happen already, there would be some football games I would skip. I don’t believe I would want to skip a thing I did in the Navy.
   I would spend more time listening to Mister Jim and to my father. I would never skip hugging my mother. I would be nicer to my sisters. I might even skip tracking up that freshly painted hallway and letting my sisters get blamed for it. No, on second thought, that was just too much fun, and I would do it again!  Sorry, sisters.
   Mostly, I would just enjoy myself if I were to go back in time. I would not really try to make anything right or do things over in a major way.
   I think I was fairly fortunate as a youngster, broke or not. Dinners on the ground, Halloween carnivals, Friday night dances at the TAC, picture shows, hunting seasons, fishing year round, coon hunting, saving up enough money to buy everyone in my family a Christmas present. Those things and more are precious to me. I do not have to go back in time to remember.
   The memories are good. Memories are free.

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