Sunday, February 19, 2017  
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Arnold Dyre
Commentary By Arnold Dyre

   It’s been a long wait, but football is almost here.
   Old Clovis has his nurse at Sunnybrook Estates Retirement Center change his easy-erase board each day to show how many days are left until Ole Miss football starts. Today, it’s 28 days and counting!
   Now 98 years old, Clovis is extremely eager for football. Clovis very seriously doubted that he would live to see another football season, and now that it is almost here, he is overly confident about Ole Miss’s prospects for an outstanding season. Clovis says that he has lived this long, so he wants to see Ole Miss go undefeated and untied and win an outright National Championship!
   I have tried reasoning with him and have suggested that the Rebels could lose as many as perhaps three games, and it still be an outstanding season, but Clovis does not want to even consider that his Rebels may lose even a single game. He says they are going to win them all!  Well, if that happens, I am going to give all the credit to Clovis.
   Clovis and I used to go to all the home games. For years and years, Clovis had a parking spot just beneath the scoreboard. He had a special pass that he would display in order to be waved through the traffic to get to his spot.
   Then, a few years back, the University’s administration changed Clovis’s parking spot. Clovis was having none of that and, on the first home game of that year, with me driving, Clovis displayed his pass, and we drove to his old spot only to discover that the street to the area just beneath the scoreboard was blocked with heavy steel poles painted red and inserted into specially drilled holes in the street.
   Clovis instructed me to pull up to the blocked area and he got out (I think he was 93 at the time) and single-handedly pulled out one of the heavy poles, and I drove right on through and parked in Clovis’s customary spot. Clovis put the pole back in the hole in the street, and we carried on like nothing had happened.
   We got out the folding chairs and were having our picnic -- complete with beverages of choice --  when a campus policeman approached and inquired how we had accessed the spot. Clovis promptly advised that he had simply pulled up one of the poles that some idiot had put in the street, and that we had no trouble then driving to the spot where he had been parking since before the young policeman was born.
   The nice young officer simply nodded his understanding and told us to have a nice day.
Before the next game, Clovis received a nice letter from the Chancellor with specific details about the new parking spot that had been arranged for Clovis. It was within just a few feet of the gate nearest Clovis’s stadium seat. Clovis allowed as to how that would work fine and that is where we parked for the rest of that year.
   By the next year, they moved us again, but it was still a very good spot and they would send a golf cart to get Clovis when he was ready to leave the parking area and enter the stadium.
   We pretty much had it made and all of our friends knew where we were and would stop by to visit with Clovis and perhaps share some of our picnic and choice beverages.
   In time, though, it got to be a tough chore for Clovis to get into the stadium and handle going to the bathroom and so forth,  so he gave up his tickets and we started watching the games on television. Each time that we now finish watching a game in the comfort of his apartment at Sunnybrook, Clovis will remark, “I sure am glad we are not in Oxford and having to drive home.”
   Just the other day, Clovis and I got to laughing about the time he pulled that heavy metal pole up out of the hole in the street.
   Clovis said, “Damn, I doubt if I could do that now!”

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