Tuesday, February 28, 2017  
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Commentary By Oliver Parks

   Hello America,
   It’s time we really start listening to our elected officials.
   You know, I listened to the speaker of the house make a statement that our government does not create jobs. He stated that the private sector creates jobs, and a few days later he asked the President, “where are the jobs?” So it seems to me that was a stupid question since the President doesn’t create jobs in the first place.
   Another thing that puzzles me is this business about the President’s use of executive orders, which some say would make him a dictator. All the presidents prior to President Obama made use of executive orders.
   Allow me to point out a few cases where executive orders were used. President Abe Lincoln used executive order in the Emancipation Proclamation. President Harry Truman used executive order to integrate the U.S. Military. President Ronald Reagan used executive order over 200 times, so I wonder, were these men were dictators?
   Recently, I listened to Donald Trump criticize the President because he didn’t wear a neck-tie when he was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly. I would have a lot more respect for many of the President’s haters if they were just honest as senator Jesse Helms was and admit they don’t like him because he is black.
   If you remember when I first started writing these articles, I said three things that would sooner or later destroy this country. I said greed, racism and division would be the downfall of America.
   Lastly there is one more thing that concerns me. After watching one natural disaster after another throughout this nation, I am not so sure that the Almighty is pleased with the way the haves treat the have-nots. President Obama has just tried to level the playing field with his policies.
   I often listen to the rich say they have no obligation to the poor, then I read the Bible and get a different story.
   So I have my doubts about us being a nation formed on Christian principles. As always, remember, together we stand, divided we fall.

SFC Retired, Oliver Parks resides in Grenada.

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