Tuesday, February 21, 2017  
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   Commentary by Oliver Parks

   I am back to talk about the laws.
   First of all, I would like to take the opportunity to discuss how laws are made in this country. In order for a bill to become law, it requires a majority vote in both Houses of Congress then it is signed by the President of the United States. There is not stipulation of Republicans or Democrats, it says majority.
   Now I want you to understand that every Congressman when sworn in raises his or her hand and swears they will uphold the laws of the land. They do not say they will uphold only the laws they like. With that being said, I believe abortions and the health care laws are still laws of the land.
   Another problem we have is that there is a group of right wing Republicans talking about impeachment of the President.
   They said he should be impeached because four Americans were killed in Libya due to the attacks by terrorists. Please be reminded of the number of people who died during the 9/11 attack on American soil. Not a single Republican mentioned impeachment of the sitting President at that time.
   I heard one say he should be impeached for lying about the Affordable Care Law. I seem to recall President Bush lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and not a single Republican mentioned impeaching him then.
   Please also be reminded that we lost about 4,000 soldiers and wounded about 40,000, but nobody mentioned impeachment then. Remember when President Bush and VP Chaney took a budget surplus, destroyed it and ran up the worst debt this country ever had, which put us very close to a depression, but no mention of impeachment.
   To the Democrats, you can sit on your hands and let the Republicans get control of both House of Congress and the President’s office and let them get control of the governor’s seats of all states. They believe they can save this country by getting rid of welfare, food stamps, voting rights, Medicare/Medicaid, Health Care, taxes, shoot down the minimum wage increase and public education, unions, FEMA, gun laws and a few other programs.
   They would then by all means send our soldiers to war with Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and Syria. That shouldn’t be too difficult to do. The President that would put these agendas through will probably be Rush Limbaugh or Ted Cruz. With all those changes, we are sure to have our country back in tip-top shape.
   Everyone would have as many guns as they want with no laws to restrict use, no regulations, no guidelines. Then you will have the United States of America that you want.
   Don’t forget, together we stand, divided we fall.

SFC Ret. Oliver Parks resides in Grenada.

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