Saturday, April 19, 2014  
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Arnold Dyre
Commentary By Arnold Dyre

   The cold weather has arrived.  
   Most towns have already had their Christmas parades.  Christmas lights and decorated trees displayed in front of windows can be seen in most every house.  
   Indeed, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
   I love this time of the year.  Magic seems to fill the air.  Smiles come easier.  I like the Christmas carols and other holiday music.  I am disappointed that I have not yet heard “Christmas in Dixie” on the radio. Someone has suggested that it is no longer politically correct to play that song, but I love it. I mean no offense to anyone.
   Today, I am going to share a secret that most folks do not know.  On the night of Christmas Eve, there is a magical North Pole substation atop Duck Hill’s big hill. Santa uses it as a rest stop when he is getting his job done.  
   There, his reindeers are not bothered, and old Saint Nick can kick back and relax for a short spell while his helpers reload his sleigh.  
   If you start watching now, you might get a glimpse of the Duck Hill substation getting set up. It is best to watch on a clear night.  If you are alert and fortunate, you will see from time-to-time one or more stars dip down out of the sky and disappear at the big hill.
   I do not know how many of Santa’s elves are normally involved in the Duck Hill project. Likely, only a few. It is just a small substation, nowhere near the size of the ones atop Mount Everest in the Himalayas or on Mount Fuji in Japan.
   However, a good friend of mine who wants to remain anonymous, told me that she saw one of Santa’s elves in the big store at Grenada. Apparently, the elf was getting something that had not been brought with them from the big Christmas warehouse at the North Pole.  Or maybe, they now get everything they need from that big store or other local vendors.  There is a good chance that the whole Santa Claus operation has changed through the years.
  Few in number or not, the Duck Hill elves do a bang-up job.  They get it all put together and are there to welcome Santa whenever he arrives.  
   They have him a spot of refreshments and some clean hay for his reindeer and perhaps some sweet oats, as well.  
   Hurriedly, the efficient little elves reload the sleigh and effect any repairs to it that may be necessary.  
   They then see Santa off to finish the Christmas miracle and set about straightaway in dismantling the substation and heading back to the North Pole.
   I am told that the elves never leave a sign of their presence atop the hill! 

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