Wednesday, April 23, 2014  
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A Comment By Joe Lee III

   As the Obama Administration’s international prestige continues to weaken, expect more disruptions around the world.
   Witness the big protests in Ukraine. Due to President Obama’s disastrous bungling concerning Syria’s civil war, Russia’s Vladimir Putin took diplomatic control of the area. Sensing Obama’s ineptness and unwillingness to lead, Putin upped the ante and has put pressure on the Ukrainian government to come back into the Russian sphere. His success is apparent.
   Last week China increased its “air defense identification zone,” expanding its dominance in that area of the world. The new Chinese zone includes several Japanese claimed islands.
   Japan is worried that the Obama Administration’s will to protect the island nation as required by treaty since 1946, will not be sufficient as China strengthens and America weakens due largely to the President’s policies.
   South Korea is not happy with America’s international decline under Obama and is raising concerns about its own security.
   In response, President Obama sent Vice President Joe Biden to the area to negotiate with the Chinese and reassure our allies.
   I don’t know about you, but that did not comfort me much, and, according to news reports the Chinese were underwhelmed.
   As the President’s prestige continues to slide, the late night comedians are beginning to jump the loyalty ship. Making fun of the ObamaCare website disaster, Steven Colbert remarked, “OK junior, get on the school bus, Principal Obama says the bridge is 90% finished.”
   There are even small signs the President’s prophylactic national press corps is getting antsy, and, most Democrat candidates don’t want to even be in the same room when ObamaCare is discussed.
   Probably the most laughable defense that some of the liberal commentators continue to use is blaming the website disaster on the Republicans.
   The world was saddened last week by the death of Nelson Mandela. Mandela was a truly great man who led his country with great skill, compassion, and fairness.
   Mandela’s goal was a harmonious government operating to and for the benefit of all its citizens.
   In some very important ways, Barack Obama had the same opportunities when he took the reins of the American government. Unfortunately, he chose the politics of class warfare and blame.

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