Saturday, February 25, 2017  
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Joe Lee III
One More Time
A Comment By Joe Lee III

   Last week I had a bad dream.
   It started as I was walking out of the doctor’s office. He had just told me that I had developed a severe allergy to cats, and I was dreading telling the Boss of the House that they would have to go outside.
   All the way home I practiced my speech. When I told her, much to my surprise, she did not seem extremely upset.
   “Everything will be OK,” she assured me.
   I was relieved.
   An hour or so later, I noticed her busily stirring around the house moving blankets and things.
   I asked her what she was doing.
   “I am fixing you a place to sleep in the garage.”

Poor leadership
   This week airline passengers are facing “major flight delays at Hubs” according to USA Today.
   The newspaper says this is because of the so-called sequester originally suggested by President Obama and passed by Congress for the purpose of forcing themselves into governing responsibly.
   As we know, the plan did not work, and now the President is forcing us all to pay the price.
   In real life when a company faces a reduction in revenue, the CEO takes steps to minimize the damage to the customers served by the company.
   President Obama has chosen a different route -- to maximize the inconvenience to the American public -- his “customers.”

Vacations continue
    He immediately cut out the White House tours -- a miniscule expense in the giant White House budget. At the same time, he did not cancel spring holiday trips for his family or a personal golf outing to Florida. Together, these trips costs tens of millions of dollars -- enough to pay for escorting young Americans through the White House for decades.

Simple answer
   Now we are told that airline passengers can expect “several hour” delays because of the sequester.
   Many Americans question how a mere 5% reduction in the tremendous federal budget could cause such high profile problems.
   The answer is simple: poor leadership.

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